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Virtualized Evolved Packet Core for LTE Networks NFV-LTEEPC




Project Description: A simulation of Virtualized Evolved Packet Core for LTE Networks (vEPC)

Further info:

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a popular concept being proposed for redesigning various components in telecom networks. A bulk of NFV design proposals focus on EPC, which faces severe scalability and flexibility issues. This has set a new trend among network equipment manufacturing companies to build commercial implementations of vEPC. All such implementations try to achieve a highly scalable and flexible architecture to suit the needs of future mobile traffic. However, no complete open-source free vEPC exists to the best of our knowledge. Our code is a first step in this direction. Note that our code is not fully standards compliant, and is not intended for commercial use. Our code is intended for consumption by researchers to build and evaluate various NFV-based EPC architectures.

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