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Project Description: The Telefonica Netphony suite is a set of java based libraries that enable to create a PCE/GMPLS/ABNO based control plane. It comprises a set of components, distributed as jar files.

Further info:

 All the repositories follow the same structure:

 Src folder containing the source code

  • Doc forder including the detailed documentation
  • Pom.xml to compile the project with maven.
  • LICENSE file
  • VERSION: version of the source code
  • CHANGELOG: track of the changes

All the repositories can be compiled with the assistance of the maven tool. See maven website for more details on how to use maven. There are two branches, the master branch that contains the stable code, updated to the latest release, and the development branch, which includes all latest developments. There is a tag per release that contains a pointer to the commit of the release.

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