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Project Description: A ryu based programmable OpenFlow1.3 patch pannel with an included web-ui.

Further info:


Intend this to be used in a testbed where a controller and network traffic can be patched into one of many switches. Increasing the ease of testing new SDN (or traditional) controllers and configurations on different network devices.


Features Include:


  • Virtually patch two ports together
  • Load and save a patch configurations from a file
  • Simulated load operation
  • Can be restarted or stopped without interrupting forwarding
  • Configuration can be reloaded when running
  • Web and HTTP REST interface
  • Basic independent support for multiple switches
  • Standalone, does not require internet access, all required javascript libraries are included
  • Probably wont work with outdated browsers

  • Link scientific paper(s)
  • Link whitepaper(s)
  • Link video(s)
  • Link presentation(s)
  • Link further resources