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OpenFlow 1.3 Software Switch (ofss13)





Project Description: Research-friendly User-space OpenFlow 1.x software switch forked from Stanford´s original reference switch design used for prototyping and experimentation. Integrated into Mininet. Used for open source implementation of new OpenFlow features by ONF members.

Further info:

OpenFlow has brought the opportunity to perform a wide range of new experiments in a network. Currently there is a good number of hardware switches to try OpenFlow, but most of them still implements only the version 1.0 of the protocol, lacking the new features from the most recent versions. So, in order to not have innovation dependent of hardware software switches are being deployed since the most primitive OpenFlow versions. The OpenFlow 1.3 software switch is built upon the Stanford OpenFlow 1.0 reference switch and Ericsson's Traffic Lab OpenFlow 1.1 switch and is intended for fast experimentation purposes.

 The following components are available in the release:

  • Ofdatapath: the switch implementation
  • Ofprotocol: secure channel for connecting the switch to the controller
  • Oflib: a library for converting to/from 1.3 wire format
  • Dpctl: a tool for configuring the switch from the console